The Horses

 Amadeus is a nine-year-old PercheronxQH gelding, but in his eyes, he is Mr. Universe. I'll admit, I see him that way, too. Amadeus never lets a moment pass without volunteering his opinion. He is always right(according to himself). We've been dancing partners since December 1, 2010. Who knew that a gawky, green broke "trail horse" would show a talent for this dressage thing?

(Hint: Jesus)

Amadeus is my comfort zone. He gives me the confidence I need to try new things, even when he thinks I'm being ridiculous. He never holds my mistakes over my head for too long. He is a gift through which my Abba speaks, reminding me of why I named him Amadeus(“God's love”).

Amadeus enjoys hacking in the woods, pinning his ears at innocent passersby, eating bananas, and surpassing everyone's expectations. Feed him and tell him he's pretty and he'll love you forever.

Kai is a LipizzanerxOldenburg gelding who may actually be a Magical Baby Pegasus in disguise. We aren't sure but plan to have him DNA tested to confirm. He was born May 8, 2015. All gratitude belongs to the Lord and my wonderful parents for blessing me with the opportunity to own such a stellar foal. He became officially 'mine' on June 14, 2015 and came home to me on November 4, 2015.

Kai is a brave, intelligent, curious, and sweet-tempered soul. I look forward to growing with him and seeing where our journey takes us.

Kai enjoys running in the pasture, hanging out with his friends, being petted, and sniffing my hands. He thinks wheelbarrows and dogs are the most fascinating things ever.

 Clementine is an 8-year-old Pony of the Americas mare. Clementine came to me on February 11, 2017 as a pasture buddy for Kai. She is somewhat of an enigma as no one knows her whole history. She was pulled from a kill pen; had she not been, she would have shipped across the border to Mexico to be slaughtered.

She has buckshot from a shotgun completely peppering her neck, but appears to have been trained to ride at some point in her past. She is a complete sweetheart. I fell in love with her almost instantly. Whether she remains a cute pasture ornament or starts a ridden career at some point, she has a safe, forever home with me.

Clementine enjoys eating, being petted, and bossing Kai around. If you offer her a horse cookie, she'd be willing to fly to the moon.  


  1. horses shouldn't be allowed to be this cute. ♥

    1. I literally didn't see this until now!! I'm sorry! But thank you; their cuteness should be outlawed! :D

  2. They're all so CUTE! I want horses!

    1. Thank you!! Horses are pretty spectacular creatures!

  3. Handsome boys! :D Haha, yep: wheelbarrows are just crazy, aren't they? Our three yearlings are very fascinated by the moving thing, lol! ;D
    Sweet boys, Ashlyn!
    -Angela |

    1. Thank you! Hahaha it's so hard to get any work done when you've got horses trying to "help" lol!!


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