The Girl



There once was a girl who was afraid of everything.

Life. Love. Happiness.

You name it and she had a reason to be scared.

One day, the girl met a man named Jesus.

Only Jesus was more than a man.

Jesus was grace, truth, love, power, joy, peace-

Jesus was everything.

The girl wanted everything Jesus was, but that's hard when you're afraid of everything.

But it's okay.

Jesus held her hand.

And He's still holding it.

When she's happy.

When she's sad.

When she's brave.

And when she's not.

It doesn't matter what she isn't because it matters what He is.


So, maybe the girl is still afraid sometimes. There are days when the fears in her head threaten to drag her under, but those fears? Those fears are nothing when brought into the presence of the One who is everything.

That girl is me.

Hi. I'm Ashlyn. I'm a twenty-something writer/equestrian/recovering perfectionist. I'm a bit of a mess, but Jesus loves me all the same.

I have three beautiful horses.

(Wait...this blog is called A Girl And Two Brave Horses...yep, Clementine joined my herd after the creation of this blog, so it's become a bit of a misnomer.)

They bring me such joy and I try to care for them and work with them in the best way that I can. I love classical dressage, biomechanics, and positive reinforcement. God has placed an insatiable passion for horses within me and I hope to use it to glorify Him wherever He leads me. If you want to read more about my horses, please click here.  


Ever since I was little, there have been stories in my head. Characters, plots, and fictional worlds have always lived just beneath my subconscious. As a teen, these stories started to hit paper. The satisfaction that comes from seeing words leave my fingertips is a pleasure that is incomparable. That desire to create and be heard led me to start this blog. It also prompted me to write a novel. I hope to share those words with the world one day. For now, you will have to settle for the ones found here.

Please feel free to contact me, whether it be here or on any of my social media. I'm actually really friendly if you can get past my insatiable need to be witty. And I'm sometimes awkward. But I am nice. So, leave and comment and say hi! 


  1. I've never sneaked into an R-rated movie, either! The way I figure, we only have a certain quota of "daringness" in us. I'd rather use the daringness for something more useful than trying to gyp the movie people, tbh!

    thanks for checking out my blog! love your blog design :)

    1. Wow I am a loser who never saw this! I PROMISE I WASN'T IGNORING YOU.

      Thank you!! Yeah, I never really have felt the need to be "bad" to feel validated. Seems pointless!

  2. I'm not sure I've ever read a bio that made me cry like this before... Oh, this is beautiful. Jesus working in your soul in beautiful! Following!!!


      Thank you so, so much! It means an incredible amount to me!


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